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  • vNetworking's Guide for Beginners to VMware


  • Stay Ahead of the Curve
    • VMware News
    • Introduction to the Best VMware Resources
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  • VCP6.5-DCV Study Guide
    • Overview of VCP6.5-DCV Exam
    • Section 1: vSphere 6.x Security
    • Section 2: vSphere 6.x Networking
    • Section 3: vSphere 6.x Storage
    • Section 4: Upgrade vSphere to 6.x
    • Section 5: Manage vSphere 6.x Resources
    • Section 6: Back Up and Recover vSphere
    • Section 7: Troubleshoot vSphere
    • Section 8: Deploy and Customize ESXi Hosts
    • Section 9: vSphere and vCenter Availability Solutions
    • Section 10: Manage vSphere VMs

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  1. Top VMware Research Channels VMworld: Perhaps the best channel for technical study. Shows full video recordings of hour-long VMworld sessions. VMware Tech Pubs: Official tutorials on key concepts. Often has the only detailed video on a specialized topic such as vSphere RBAC. VMwareKB: "Providing how-to, best practices, troubleshooting, and conceptual videos for VMware products and platforms—straight from the VMware Knowledge Base." VMware vSphere: Introduces new vSphere features and provides technical walkthroughs on how to use the core platform. VMware Education & Certification: Instructional videos and information on certification paths such as VCDX preparation. Main VMware Official Channel: Mostly non-technical marketing videos, news, and corporate strategy. Good for keeping up with trends. Official VMware Channels with Specialized Topics Airwatch: "Mobility is Complicated. AirWatch makes enterprise mobility management simple." VMware Cloud Management: "Simplify cloud management, enable automation, maximize operational efficiency and increase IT and business agility." VMware Cloud-Native Apps: This channel features concepts surrounding running applications straight out of containers, which is currently only a very narrow part of the overall VMware conversation. VMware End-User Computing: "Businesses of all sizes are creating a digital workspace, delivering anytime, anywhere access to all applications, services and resources across all devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones." VMware HOL: Tips on how to use the VMware Hands-on-Labs and new developments and offerings from HoL. VMware LogInsight: "VMware vRealize Log Insight delivers real-time log management for VMware environments, with machine learning-based Intelligent Grouping, and high performance search, enabling faster troubleshooting and better operational analytics in across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It can analyze terabytes of logs [and] discover structure in unstructured data." VMware NSX: "VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform that delivers the operational model of a VM for the network to transform data center operations and economics." VMware Storage: "VMware software-defined storage (SDS) is a simple, yet intelligent, storage data center architecture that leverages policy-based provisioning and management to eliminate static, purpose-built and inefficient hardware. VMware SDS Technologies include: VMware vSAN, Site Recovery Manager and Virtual Volumes." VMware vCloud: "VMware vCloud Suite is an integrated offering that brings together VMware’s industry-leading vSphere hypervisor and VMware vRealize Suite multi-vendor hybrid cloud management platform."
  2. This post is under construction. Last updated: November 18, 2017. Official Collection of VMware Technical Papers Official Exam Guide for VCP6.5-DCV VMware. (July 17, 2017). Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere 6.5. VMware. (May 16, 2017). What's New in Performance? VMware vSphere 6.5. VMware. (August 18, 2017). Performance of Storage Policy-Based Management in VMware vCenter Server 6.5. VMware. (March 27, 2017). vSphere 6.5 Virtual Machine Encryption Performance. VMware. (March 01, 2017). Performance Implications of Storage I/O Control-Enabled SSD Datastores. VMware. (February 23, 2017). Command-Line Deployment and Upgrade of VMware vCSA 6.0 U3. VMware. (January 10, 2017). vSphere 6.5 Encrypted vMotion Architecture, Performance, and Best Practices. VMware. (November 30, 2016). vCenter Server 6.5 High Availability Performance and Best Practices. VMware. (November 15, 2016). vSphere 6.5 DRS Performance. VMware. (November 15, 2016). Command-Line Installation and Upgrade of vCenter Server 6.5. Official Technical Paper: vSphere 6.5 Security Official Documentation for vSphere Security Vladin [ESXiVirtualization]: VCP-6-DCV Study Guide