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I devote myself toward rethinking security strategies and taking no strategic details for granted until I either remove those details, change them, or understand why to accept them. Too often, we carry on the habits of the admins and security officers who preceded us, unwittingly sustaining many vulnerability. I evaluate all attack surfaces, including the physical network. My attraction to security unfolds from myself holding necessity as a first principle. When deciding what to do, I ask what is necessary, doing my best not to become emotionally involved. We must always remember what the mission is and what's at stake. From there, we must only ask what needs to be done. If something is necessary then it must be done, such as if an asset must be protected: a simple point but one that is easily forgotten or misled by distractions.

Born May 3 1469 in Italy, what is most important to me is protecting those whom I care about against the dangers of our time. Italy is being plundered left and right by foreign mercenaries and faces serious internal enemies. How do we save Italy while still treading lightly, not trying to wave our own flag, but just making sure that Italy is prosperous and safe.

These are the kinds of problems that I like to work on. I look at everything I see from an artistic point of view. For example, I will say to myself that my personal impulses must be abandoned in face of what I need to do—both for the interests of others and myself. In this way, I am much like Epicurus.