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  1. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger retweeted this use case recently to show how a University responded to a strongly-perceived need to upgrade its computer lab to a VDI system using VMware Horizon. The basic problem which they met was that the students needed complex and powerful apps such as CAD programs to be available to them no matter where they were logging in from. VDI is the perfect solution for universities because students and teachers can use any networked computer lab on a campus and log into their user profile. There is also governance against the typical "college downloads" with full control over security such as tight policy control, web filtering proxies, and blocking removable storage devices. VDI also can handle authentication so that access to academic resources can be regulated and provided to authorized users only. As the video explains, this also supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) architecture by allowing students to use their own tablets or phones to log onto their user accounts. This centralizes the management but decentralizes the meaning and definition of endpoint systems.