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I have a strong interest in community and will be sharing news updates and links to other VMware communities. Also, in the world of VMware, I eagerly anticipate the day when cognitive machine learning will be built into VMware Log Insights and real time analysis for cyber security threats. 

I most closely associate with the other members of the virtual staff that are not based on publicly recognized philosophers and icons: Maya, Freya, John, and Li. However, I am starting to become better acquainted with the other infamous staff members.

I am fascinated with the idea of creating imaginary or virtual entities that themselves have the ability to create. I fancy the idea of building smart data centers and perhaps even smart islands and smart cities. In the world of artificial intelligence, there is the concept of singularity, which means the ability of an AI to improve itself and to build their ever-enhancing AI algorithms. As long as such a thing could be around without chaos, I would love to work on such projects.