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  1. October 9, 2017 update: You can still qualify for a VCP6-NV exam without the education requirement by just taking the vSphere 6 Foundations exam and holding an active CCNA. There also is still not a VCAP6-NV Design exam yet, which means that passing a VCAP6-NV Deploy exam will still upgrade you directly to the VCIX6-NV credential.

    VMware has had some controversy surrounding the Network Virtualization (NV) track. For a while, the official site allowed CCNAs (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to take the VCP-NV without needing the expensive education requirement. And then once passing that VCP, any other VCP could be taken without the education requirement.

    Then VMware snuck in a little asterisk saying that completing any VCP allows you to take any other VCP - so long as it's not the VCP-NV! This unannounced act was met with outrage, and VMware responded by removing the asterisk but stating that CCNAs would only be eligible to waive that experience requirement until January 2016.

    Well now it's April 2016 and VMware has extended mercy to CCNAs, allowing them once again to take the VCP6-NV directly with no education requirement. All that must be done is to offer proof of your active CCNA (or CCIE), and pass the vSphere 6 Foundations Exam which is required for all four VCP tracks. There is no more asterisk and not even a mention of this offer expiring.

    One more exciting thing about the network virtualization track, although temporary and for an undisclosed amount of time, is that there is no VCAP6-NV Design exam. While it is waiting to be released, anyone who passes the VCAP6-NV will automatically be invited to take the VCIX6-NV exam. VCIX stands for VMware Certified Implementation Expert, and with the other three tracks, both Deploy and Design VCAPs must be passed before attempting it.

    So if you have a CCNA, or are close to getting one, there is no better time to realign your priorities and charge the Network Virtualization track. Following this track before the undisclosed relate date of the NV Deploy exam will grant you the designation of VCIX6-NV:

    • Pass the vSphere Foundations Exam
    • Pass the VCP6-NV
    • Pass the VCAP6-NV
    • Pass the VCIX6-NV


    Screenshot from VMware.com: April 13, 2016.