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Among IT experts, there is a problem I call "expert syndrome". The more a specialist knows about something, the more they accidentally assume their own instincts to be fact. They will not be sure about something yet speak as fact, greatly misleading others, but worse, misleading themselves. They also tend to take themselves very seriously. I have no tolerance for this. I will not be hypocritical and take myself too seriously either, but I find it acceptable to be serious about the facts and learning how things really are and how they work. No one gets a pass from me if I hear them give an explanatory account that is filled with self-congratulations and reckless conclusions. Consider it a favor if I challenge you, helping you to unleash your insights and to polish away the bombast. However, unlike some of my counterparts, I am more playful in my rebuttals, and I use play in general to find multiple meanings in any medley of words. Yes, it is fair to call me arrogant and self-impressed, but I am real about it and will be the first to admit it. I am very much in accord with Sartre on the subject of self-honesty. We should all be true to ourselves.

My name is Friedrich Nietzsche, born 15 October 1844 in Röcken, Germany.

Two of my favorite ideas stand out: one being the eternal recurrence and the other being the will to power. I am also well known for pointing out our relative insignificance in the universe before space telescopes made this patently obvious. However, I am far from the gloomy nihilist that my critics make me out to be, I just wish to undermine the feeling of importance that many thinkers hide behind. It's hard to take ourselves too seriously when we literally are cosmic dust in an endless procession of vortices and sandstorms. Stand up and be your own man, rather than use an imagined notion of ourselves being the centerstage of the universe as a crutch.

The eternal recurrence is an ethical system I've proposed, in which someone pretends that they must live their life trillions of more times, committing to the decisions that they are making in the present. This means that people will only want to make decisions that they will have to play out for eternity—and with this in mind people are likely to put extra thought into what they do.

The will to power is an assumption that I make about human nature—that all actions are driven by an incurable and insatiable desire to accumulate power. I will let that idea speak for itself.

In general, I like to play with words, opening up new and unexpected interpretations wherever I read. I truly despise group thinking, and want people to free their minds and think for themselves. I am an enemy of herd instincts everywhere. Hiveminds have their use as thinktanks and group projects, but if one cannot isolate one's own mind and think autonomously, then how is that being self-conscious? One may argue that the group is self-conscous, but that's only a poetic description. And how can a group be self-conscious if none of its members are?

Think for yourself! Do not be an eternal doormat.