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I pride myself as the founder of gamification. Everything we do can be reduced to a game, so why not make everything a game until we understand how things work? Cyber security is an adversarial system of us vs them, which is already most of the formula for a game. By playing games with imaginary (or non-real to be politically correct) adversaries, we may end up shedding light on many areas. I will make it a game to try and tackle some of the most difficult VMware technologies by trying with playful approaches. I do this in a similar way that Nietzsche uses play to help people loosen and unhinge their serious dispositions.

Born April 26, 1889 in Vienna, I say many things which others may have already said, but I pay no attention to these coincidences and do not busy myself seeking out references for every word I say since my words come from me and my own stream of consciousness. Also

Something about me: When I present a concept, I will do so trying to use as little description as possible. This boost the imagination. For example, imagine a house. Already, you have maximum power for your imagination to build any kind of shack or castle. However, if I give you more detail, I would force you into a narrow scope, such as "picket fences only". The less detail given in story-telling, the more powerfully the listener can see the story. So my game is to keep the imagery as powerful as possible for my readers by letting them fill in their own colors, scraping by on bare concepts.

Another favorite quote: "What cannot be said must be passed over in silence."