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Praxishandbuch: VMware vSphere 6

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Göpel, Ralph. Praxishandbuch VMware vSphere 6. Heidelberg: O'Reilly, 2016. Print.

560 pages: Available on hardcover or Kindle

Picture needs to be re-added.

This book is in German and translates to Practice Handbook for VMware vSphere 6. It is an excellent way to brush up on the language if you know just a little bit. Most of the screenshots and even the technical terms sound just like the English ones. For example:

"Bei PowerCLI handelt es sich um eine Sammlung von mehreren Hundert Commandlets (Cmdlets) für PowerShell, mit denen sich ESXi-Hosts, vCenter Server oder aber auch vCloud-APIs und der Site Recovery Manager ansphrechen lassen" (279).

Translation: "PowerCLI acts with a library of about a hundred multi-purpose commandlets (cmdlets) for PowerShell that work on ESXi hosts but also may address vCloud APIs and Site Recovery Manager."

If you want to give this a shot and you aren't completely fluent, then the best online German dictionary is and the best site to find plural forms and word formations is Even if you are fluent, this will help you to pick out the technical terms. You will see many options for each word searched for on Leo, so you will need to rely on context to isolate the technical terms. But once you know them the rest is ordinary language!

This also happens to be an excellent book. I find it comparable to the English Mastering VMware vSphere 6, published by Sybex, because both of these are designed to give you the information you need to perform as a vSphere admin rather than just pass the VCP. Both, of course, also are quite helpful in preparing for VMware exams.


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