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  1. Please check back later for more details. ETA of completion: July 31. Last updated: July 3. There are about 5 more that still need to be manually added to this list which have since been selected. Please note that this website's Twitter channel is @vNetworking. Below is the VMware Top Contributors List that I've found on Twitter. The criteria for being on this list is not just being one of the best but also being a substantial contributor to the advancement of VMware research. @ady189: Adrian Roberts is a VCDX in DCV and CMA, and posts on a wide range of advanced VMware topics. @DuncanYB: Duncan Epping is chief technologist at VMware, runs, and is author of Essential Virtual SAN and many other titles. @ericsiebert: The web author of vLaunchPad, which is an excellent list of VMware resources including the top 100 voted-on VMware blogs. @EzzeldinHussein: He is on top of daily news developments in VMware. @MarcHuppert: He is VCDX #181 and shares tutorials often related to VSAN and NSX. @mlydy: Matt Lydy is a well-rounded contributor who covers advanced storage and virtual networking topics. @nathan_owen: Founder of Blue Medora, which develops monitoring tools for VMware vRealize. @PatGelsinger: Pat Gelsinger is the CEO of VMware, and has a strong technical grasp of his business as is self-evident from his keynote presentations. @RoshniMadaiah: She works at VMware and shares helpful info on topics such as vRealize Operations and VSAN. @vCommunityGuy: The vExpert and VMware Community Manager. @VFrontDe: Posts many tutorials, often with an emphasis on VMware updates and patching. @vGhetto: Virtually Ghetto is a channel that provides many VMware DevOps tutorials. @virtRich: Rich Dowling is a VCAP5-DCA/DCD and posts many useful guides on topics including NSX and PowerCLI. @vmwarehorizon: VMware Horizon is an official channel reporting on the most excited VDI use cases worldwide. @vmware_za: VMware South Africa is an official channel which offers useful VMware news from around the world. @wholmes: Wade Holmes is VCDX #15 and specializes in NSX.